7 Best Push Lawn Sweepers 2022

best push lawn sweeper

If you have a small to the medium-sized yard and are looking for a lawn sweeper that can get the job done without the quirks of the battery running out or your engine stalling, a push lawn sweeper might just be the thing for you. Everyone loves to enjoy the weather, and there are very few things that beat enjoying the sunshine on your beautiful lawn.

The perfect push lawn sweeper will get the job done for you without worrying about the electronics or the usual clogging that you’ll experience if you use a bagger. Having the right push lawn sweeper will help you keep your lawn in perfect condition day-in-day-out.

But, with so many excellent options out there, making the ultimate decision can become a bit confusing and requires a lot of research. We’ve made things easier for you and have prepared a shortlist of the best push lawn sweepers that you can buy in 2021. These reviews & buying guides will help you get the best equipment that can cover your entire garden and collect garden debris while providing efficient performance.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best push lawn sweepers, and we’ll equip you with all the information you’ll need to make the right decision.

Best Push Lawn Sweepers

Top PickEarthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper Earthwise Sweepit Lawn Sweeper LSW70021 Brand: Earthwise
Weight: 13 Pounds
Brush Width: 21 inches
Capacity: 2.6 bushel
Editor’s PickAgri-Fab 45-0218 push lawn sweeper Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper Brand: Agri-Fab
Weight: 25 Pounds
Cutting Width: 26 inches
Capacity: 5.6 bushel
Scotts LSW70026S 26-inch Push Lawn Sweeper Scotts LSW70026S 26-inch Push Lawn Sweeper Brand: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools
Weight: 19.86 Pounds
Cutting Width: 26 inches
Capacity: 3.6 Bushel
Sun Joe AJ801E Sun Joe AJ801E Brand: Sun Joe
Weight: 27 Pounds
Cutting Width: 13 inches
Capacity: 0.85 Bushel
Hoover L1405 Hoover L1405 Brand: Hoover Commercial
Weight: 16 Pounds
Cutting Width: 18 inches
Capacity: 0.70 Bushel
Budget PickSamger S 12” Samger S 12” Brand: SAMGER S
Weight: 14.94 Pounds
Cutting Width: 12 inches
Capacity: 0.65 Bushel
Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 Lawn Sweeper Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 Lawn Sweeper Brand: Karcher
Weight: 23.3 Pounds
Cutting Width: 21.7 inches
Capacity: 0.45 Bushel

1. Earthwise Sweepit Lawn Sweeper LSW70021


Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Earthwise13 Pounds21 Inches2.6 Bushel
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Earthwise has been in the lawn accessories business since 1895 and is one of the oldest players in the industry. Earthwise’s vision of sustainable and environment-friendly machines and processes is a welcome thing as global warming issues plague the Earth. Just like the Earthwise lawnmowers, its push lawn sweepers pack the same precision and well-thought-out design.

The Earthwise push lawn sweeper helps clean your yard by removing leaves and grass clippings effectively with its 21″ brush. The spinning rake-like action of the Earthwise yard sweeper collects all the debris in a collection bag. This manual gadget is environmentally friendly as well as user-friendly and does not clog or run out of battery.

Earthwise LSW70021 21 is the most lightweight sweeper available in the market, so if you have a troubling backache while cleaning your outdoors, this sweeper is for you. Its 21″ brush and fine plastic bristles sweep up the debris effectively just in one pass.

This push lawn sweeper is durable and will help you with your outdoor work for a long time. You can adjust the push sweeper’s height as desired. Also, the lightweight design of the Earthwise push sweeper takes cues from their lawn mower, allowing you easy handling and push without applying much energy. The high-strength steel of the lawn sweeper is scratch and rust-resistant.

The Earthwise yard sweeper has a user-friendly 2.6-bushel collection basket that catches the debris from your yard and makes disposing of it off easy. Thanks to the large capacity bag, you won’t have to run back to the trash can again and again. The basket is easy to push, easy to empty, and folds into a slim profile that is easy to hang on a wall for convenient storage. For efficient operation and quality yard sweeping, you can adjust the sweeping length to your comfort.

This push lawn sweeper is easy to store as it can be hung up too because of its lightweight build. The sweeper has a great-looking design that is both aesthetic and functional. The combination of grey and green on the body and the tires give it a unique, trendy look and feel.

Some users are irked by the high use of plastic and complain that more metal should have been used; however, the plastic allows the sweeper to be light and durable.

  • Adjustable sweeping height adds up to your comfort
  • Extra lightweight sweeper easy to push
  • Large brush and container makes sweeping easier
  • Storage and handling is easier
  • Not efficient in collecting rocks, pinecones, nuts, and wet debris

2. Agri-Fab 45-0218 Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0218 push lawn sweeper

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Agri-Fab25 Pounds26 Inches5.6 Bushel
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Agri-Fab 45-0218 push lawn sweeper makes gardening easier and fun. This Agri-Fab sweeper is a fun way to speed up your raking process and will cut your outdoor work short. This lawn sweeper is extremely easy to push, thanks to its lightweight design. It’s the most lightweight lawn sweeper you will find on the market. You don’t have to deal with clunky engines or machinery as this lightweight sweeper is push-powered. The mower stands out and caught our attention thanks to its ease of operation and optimal working performance.

Why to spend hours doing the back-breaking work to clean the debris in your yard when an Agri-Fab lawn sweeper can do it in a better way; all you have to do is push the lawn sweeper. Its four brushes sweep your yard’s debris up into a hopper bag which has a capacity of 7 cu. Ft. The Agri-Fab 45-0218 has two poly tires to ensure it moves smoothly on the working area.

The front houses the height adjustment setting, which helps you adjust the ground clearance of the sweepers. You can slide the lever down to increase the ground clearance or slide it the other way to send the sweepers close to the ground. If your yard is full of heaps and the ground isn’t even reachable, high ground clearance will help. This 26” push lawn sweeper will help you give your lawn a groomed appearance. Make your lives easier with the dependable performance of this push lawn sweeper.

No matter what your outdoor work, whether cleaning up leaves or small twigs in the autumn or cleaning up grass clippings in the spring, this push lawn sweeper will serve you and give you comfort. Its lightweight design enables easy handling. Agri-Fab push lawn sweeper will serve you for a long if it’s carefully used and maintained.

The overall design of the Agri-Fab 26-Inch push lawn sweeper is simple and effective. Going through thick heaps of leaves can be difficult with this sweeper because the sweepers need to have traction, and wheels need to rotate to keep the sweeper brushes rotating. The Agri-Fab 26-inch is a great push lawn sweeper for flat surfaces but won’t be much efficient for troughs.

  • Height adjustments available for the brush
  • Its lightweight design allows easy handling
  • Collapsible hopper bag allows storage occupying less space
  • The durable material will last long
  • Easy to clean hopper bag by detaching it
  • Hopper bag fill up fast as capacity isn’t very big
  • Trouble working with matted down or wet leaves

3. Scotts LSW70026S 26-inch Push Lawn Sweeper


Scotts LSW70026S 26-inch Push Lawn Sweeper

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools19.86 Pounds26 Inches3.6 Bushel
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Let your lawn breathe by sweeping the leaves and grass clippings with the 26” push lawn sweeper from Scotts, the LSW70026S. Its spinning rake action collects debris from flat surfaces effectively and efficiently. Scotts considered a lot of things when manufacturing the LSW70026S; it is light, easily maneuverable, has adjustable ground clearance, rust-free build, and will take care of all your dry debris in no time.

The lightweight build of the push lawn sweeper is because of the durable ABS plastic that does not rust and is very durable. This also helps in increased maneuverability. The 26” clearing size significantly brings down the time needed to clean your yard. The sweeper features ground clearance adjustment, so you can easily sweep through different levels of debris. Thanks to its height adjustment settings, the sweeper will adjust according to your posture so you can work for extended periods without getting a backache. The handle on the Scotts LSW70026S is also resistant to scratches.

The versatile push lawn sweeper will serve you all year round thanks to its all-weather ABS plastic build. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is covered with autumn leaves or it’s the summertime of the year, Scotts push yard sweeper is your perfect outdoor cleaning companion. Scotts LSW70026S has a 3.63-bushel hopper which is made up of tough weather-resistant cloth, so you can use it in any weather. Once the hopper bag is filled with debris, you can easily remove the bag and empty it. You no longer have to deal with the trouble of raking your yard thanks to the Scotts Sweep-it Push Lawn Sweeper.

When you’re done with sweeping your outdoors, the push lawn sweeper can be folded and hung in your garage. The convenient storage and easy transport, combined with the effortless operation, make it a great option.

  • User-friendly, easy to set up, and store
  • Large 3.63-bushel hopper, easy to clean
  • Rotating brushes have reliable performance
  • Spinning rake-like action enhance efficiency
  • May throw some debris out of the collecting hopper
  • Wheels lack silicon spray

4. Sun Joe AJ801E

Sun Joe AJ801E

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Sun Joe27 Pounds13 Inches0.85 Bushel
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The Sun Joe AJ801E is an innovative product from Sun Joe that not only sweeps the lawn but also acts as a dethatcher for it. It is powered by a robust 12Amp motor; thus, the collection of leaves is quite speedy and efficient thanks to the high-velocity brushes. The dethatcher has a perfectly sized 13″ wide path that can work in tight spaces and will take care of the dead grass while raking up the leaves.

Although the lawn sweepers need to be pushed around, the motor is powered through electricity and has a corded design. The raking and sweeping abilities of the Sun Joe AJ801E have further improved thanks to the Airboost technology that also maximizes thatch pickup. This push lawn sweeper will give your lawn a new life and encourages healthy grass growth for healthier turf. Starting the AJ801E requires minimal effort as the corded electric design allows the Sun Joe AJ801E push sweeper to start with just one push button, and the safety switch ensures no mishap occurs by accidental starting.

You can adjust the deck height according to your comfort. The debris collection bag has a capacity of 8-gallon, which lies at the back of the unit. The cord length attached to the device does restrict your movement a bit, and you will have to get extensions and manage the wire if you have a big lawn. Despite the electric motor that allows for efficient operation, Sun Joe AJ801E is ideal for revitalizing small to medium-sized yards, and leaving a nicely swept lawn behind that is a treat to look at.

This push lawn sweeper and dethatcher is great but has a bag with a very limited capacity, so if you’re looking for something that can sweep and dethatch at the same time without any extra effort, then the Sun Joe AJ801E might just be the thing for you.

  • Scarifier function ensures healthier and thicker growth of grass
  • Electricity-powered, no physical exertion required
  • Starts instantly
  • Cord length is limited, which limits your movement
  • Container bag is small, requires frequent removing of debris

5. Hoover L1405 Commercial SpinSweep 18″

Hoover L1405

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Hoover Commercial16 Pounds18 Inches0.70 Bushel
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Hoover has an excellent pedigree in making excellent cleaning appliances, and the Hoover L1405 is no different. The L1405 commercial spin sweep 18″ can sweep both indoors and outdoors, making it a great push lawn sweeper for your lawn.

The sweeper is built with convenience in mind, and it can clean your grass, chippings, patios and even works effectively over rubber mats. Despite the traditional look of a futuristic sweeping device, the appliance is as conventional as things go and requires minimal assembly time. It is operated by pushing, has no engine or battery, making it completely maintenance-free, and best of all, it can sweep any surface. No other sweeper is such a good all-rounder as the L1405. It can collect debris from your lawn, double-driveways, large porches, walkways, or patios.

The Hoover L1405 has a powerful sweeping head that is not as large as other push lawn sweepers out there, making it great for tighter spots. The ground clearance adjustment on the top allows you to adjust the height so you can sweep different surfaces efficiently. The push lawn sweeper also features a collection bin of 6.6-gallon capacity that is easy to remove and empty. The ergonomic design, flexible handles, and height adjustment settings make for efficient operation and make it a great buy while also making it extremely easy to operate.

The L1405 is excellent for collecting pine needles, rocks, and even plastic bottles but clearing our heaps of leaves can be a mess with it. This yard push sweeper is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t make any noise or release harmful gases during its operation.

  • Ideal for large estates
  • The collection bin onboard has a high capacity
  • Dumping is easy
  • Efficient sweeping action
  • Wheels and gears are made up of plastic which can cause trouble in the spinning of brushes

6. Samger S12”

Samger S 12”

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
SAMGER S14.94 Pounds12 Inches0.65 Bushel
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If you have a small yard and have fancy bushes, chances are a big-sized sweeper won’t be able to operate in those tight spaces. A 26″ sweeper width might sound good for fast working, but the name says it all; they can’t squeeze into spaces smaller than 26″.

Samger considered this drawback and came up with a simple yet effective 12”  solution to our needs. It has a simple design that packs both a manual mower and a sweeper in one unit. It enables you to cut the grass and collect it instantly in a small collecting bag and will also collect any debris that falls under it. This push lawn sweeper and mower is environmentally friendly as it produces minimal noise pollution or air pollution.

The Samger S12″ lawn sweeper isn’t suitable for large yards; however, it is good to clean small or medium-sized yards and is ideal if the grass needs mowing too.

Emptying the collecting bag frequently can also be a hectic task as the bag cannot hold much debris. This universal design sweeper-mower has five sharp blades, which are 12” wide, to ensure sharp cutting of the grass, and their angle is such that they push all debris towards the debris collection bag. You can adjust the height of the deck from 0.45 to 1.77 inches but bear in mind that there are no settings to individually set the mowing/sweeping, and both will be done in one go.

  • Easy to operate, require little physical exertion
  • Spacious bag
  • Small width for easy movement
  • Not suitable for large areas

7. Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650

Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 Lawn Sweeper

BrandWeightCutting WidthCapacity
Karcher 23.3 Pounds21.7 Inches0.45 Bushel
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Say goodbye to tiring sweeping and back-breaking tasks; sweeping your yard has become easier than ever with the Karcher 1.766-303.3 S650 Cleaner. This push lawn sweeper offers fine, professional sweeping and, unlike conventional brooms, can cover a large area of your yard within no time. This hard-wearing and long-lasting sweeper promises excellent results thanks to the 21-inch cleaning path and the ingenious design. The large cleaning path makes Karcher S650 a great push sweeper that will get your yard clear of all debris 10 times faster than a rake.

This yard push sweeper doesn’t rely on electricity for its operation; all you need to do is to push it around to sweep up the debris from your yard. Its ergonomic design and flexible handle make it comfortable to operate for a long duration of time. Karcher push lawn sweeper is specifically designed with the customer’s comfort in mind. Its handle collapses to give it a slim vertical profile allowing for easy and efficient storage.

The height adjustment settings on the handle ensure you don’t get a backache cleaning outdoors. The design is extremely efficient and looks great; the yellow-on-black color combination is eye-catching and gives the sweeper a nifty feel.  This Karcher S650 requires little physical effort to push around. On account of its vast coverage and efficient operation, it remains best for cleaning garages, sidewalks, driveways, and storage areas within a small amount of time.

You can clean your yard right up to the edges with the dual spinning brushes in this push sweeper by Karcher. Due to its low profile and limited ground clearance, it’s hard to suggest heaps of leaves, but for everything else, the Karcher S650 is a great option. The container has a capacity of 4.2-gallons (0.45 bushel) and is extremely easy to remove. The design is well-thought-out as you won’t get into contact with the debris even when emptying the container.

The efficient storage, easy-to-manage design, and fine cleaning ability make the Karcher S650 the perfect push sweeper for a professional-looking sweeping.

  • Easy to use for a long duration
  • The height of the sweeper can be adjusted
  • Dual spinning brushes cover a vast area of the yard
  • Easy to empty the container
  • Ergonomic design, the flexible handle makes it user-friendly
  • Easy to store
  • The container holds limited debris; frequent disposing of contents is required
  • Heavier as compared to other push sweepers

Things to look out for when buying a Push Lawn Sweeper

Buying the right sweeper requires knowing what you’re are looking for and understanding the different features that each lawn sweeper offers. Sometimes a lawn mower can act as a sweeper, whereas at others, you might have to get some other equipment depending on the different types of lawn. Here are a few things to consider when buying a push lawn sweeper.

Sweeping Deck Size

The larger the sweeping deck, the lesser time it will take to clean the lawn. However, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to deck sizes. If your has flower beds and fancy bushes, you’ll need to select a deck size that can work its way between the tight spots.

Conversely, if your lawn is flat and spans over a large area without any hurdles, then a larger sweeping deck will be more beneficial and will save time.

Push lawn sweepers usually have sweeping decks up to 26-inches and can be sufficient for most spaces. If you want an even larger sweeping deck size, tow-behind sweepers offer cutting decks that are as big as 52-inches wide. You’ll need a lesser number of passes and will save more time if your lawn is very big.

There is a trade-off when it comes to sweeping deck sizes. The larger the size, the less maneuverable the sweeper, the smaller the size, the greater the maneuverability. The nooks and crannies between bushes, pots, and  flower beds can be left out if you’re using a large deck size

Sweeping Height

This is something that cannot be stressed enough; adjustable sweeping heights will make sure your lawn and the sweeper both stay safe and are not damaged.

If the height is too low, it can damage the grass, and larger debris can cause cosmetic damage to the sweeper. Whereas if the sweeping height is too high, then the sweeper will not sweep at all. Depending on the type of lawn, you may adjust the sweeping height, which can normally be done through the brush height adjustment.

Adjustable Handles

If your push lawn sweeper does not have adjustable handles, it can lead to backache and muscular fatigue. It’s best to go for a sweeper that offers some kind of adjustment, so your lawn sweeping sessions don’t take a toll on your back, and you can sweep in a more comfortable posture.

Large Wheels

The tread on the wheels needs to be good enough to offer ample traction because most of the push lawn sweepers only work when the wheels turn. If your sweeper loses traction, it can lead to the sweeper clogging and getting stuck. Usually, larger wheels offer better traction and maneuverability. The material of the wheels is not that important because keeping the weight down means that more plastic is used in place of rubber, but the lawn sweeping function is not compromised.

Debris Collection Bag

Some great sweepers are pulled back by their limited bag size. Small cubic feet capacity is not necessarily a bad thing; it all comes down to how often you maintain your lawn. If you’re someone who sweeps the lawn on a weekly basis, maybe a small bag can suffice. On the other hand, if you have a very big lawn or if you don’t sweep your lawn very often, then a bigger bag for the collection of debris will reduce your trips to the trash site.


It can be quite hectic to push around a lawn sweeper that is heavy and gets clogged. Go through your options and select the one that is easy to move around and takes care of your yard debris effectively.


If you have a massive barn where you can store your machinery, you might not be concerned with storage, but most sweepers need to be stored in limited space. If you have a tight space, then selecting the one that can be folded into a slim profile and can be stored is the best thing for you.

Sweeper Add-ons

While most push lawn sweepers cannot be fixed with an accessory, there is usually an option to use a bigger debris bag, and you’ll have to make a DIY mount on one for a lawn aerator. The sweeping brushes are the core of the sweeper and cannot be switched out, but other small modifications can add function and value to your sweeper.

Larger debris bag: Most options on our list can add a DIY larger debris bag that will save you some trips to dump the debris. The smaller the debris bag, the more trips you need to make to the trash site. The sweepers with a loose hanging bag can be fitted with a larger one but fixed, or concealed bag ones cannot hold the debris.

Cord extension handling: Push sweepers that are electricity-operated like the AJ801E can have a long cord flailing behind them. After use, if the cord is not stashed away properly, it can get damaged and can become a hazard. You can attach a cord management accessory on the handle to make things easier and more manageable.

Dethatcher and Scarifier

Taking care of your lawn can go a long way and transform it into a lovely sight. If your grass health is not good and it looks yellowed or dead, select a push lawn sweeper that can dethatch and sweep at the same time. With regular use, a dethatcher can restore the lush green beauty of your lawn in months and will boost the grass growth rate by increasing the amount of air available to the roots.


Sweepers are relatively simple to operate and maintain, but you never know when one might give up on you. It is safe to select the ones that come with a long warranty period or a sweeper that protects you against manufacturing defects. The warranty offered by the manufacturer on the models on our list ranges between three to five-year guarantees. It should also be borne in mind that the warranty will only cover manufacturing defects and will not claim wear and tear of the sweeper.

Push Lawn Sweeper FAQs

Still, got questions? Let us address the most common queries that buyers have when finding the right push lawn sweeper.

Are push lawn sweepers effective?

Push lawn sweepers will clean out grass clippings and leaves from your lawn in no time. Their smaller size, as compared to their tow-behind counterparts, allows them to be effective in spaces with limited clearance. Moreover, Push lawn sweepers are easy to set up and operate and will take care of your grass clippings, fall leaves, and other such lawn debris without any hassle.

Which is better, Push Lawn Sweeper or Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper?

Both the push lawn sweepers and the tow behind lawn sweepers are effective solutions to your lawn debris problems. But, both have their advantages and shortcomings.

A push lawn sweeper is generally lighter and easier to operate than a tow-behind lawn sweeper. They are also smaller than the two behind ones and can clean nooks and crannies too. This is highly effective if you maintain fancy bushes and planters around your lawn. In addition, a push lawn sweeper can also be used to clean pavements and costs much less than a tow-behind lawn sweeper.

On the other hand, if you have a large space or have unusual debris like pine needles and tweeds, then a tow-behind lawn sweeper can get the job done more effectively and more quickly than a push lawn sweeper. The additional cost is useful in these scenarios as it saves time.

Can a push lawn sweeper assist with mowing?

Not necessarily, if your mower has a bagging feature and can collect the clippings as you mow, then a lawn sweeper won’t help you much while mowing. On the other hand, if you use a basic mower that does not bag, or collects the clippings, then a push lawn sweeper or any sweeper, in general, will help you in clearing the lawn.

It is common practice to clear and clean the lawn before running a mower because debris can actually damage your expensive lawnmower. If you like to leave the clippings as in mulching, small clippings are safe. If there are longer clippings, it is suggested to clean them with a sweeper as they can attract unwanted pests.