EGO LM2102SP Review

ego lm2102sp review

Nothing is more important than reliability in design, speed, safety, and ease of use in a lawnmower for elegant and chic lawns. Well, most lawnmowers may be sufficient for small yards, but large lawns need better run-time.

EGO LM2102SP is a game-changer in more than one way.

With a powerful lithium-ion battery, a large cutting width, and more run-time, EGO LM210SP is one of the best lawnmowers in its class. This lawnmower comes off as a powerful machine to mow your grass, has a variable speed and a durable body to beat off the competition.

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  • 21-inch cutting width
  • Upto 60 minutes run time
  • Powerfull 7.5Ah 56 Volt ARC Lithium Battery
  • Push button start
  • Sutiable for wet and rough conditions
  • Variable speed from 1.8mph to 3.6 mph
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Let’s explore in ego lm2102sp review what makes this lawnmower the perfect choice for all types of lawns based on the following criteria:

  • Battery
  • Cutting Width
  • Cutting Height
  • Maneuverability
  • Maintenance
  • Usability

Powerful Battery and More Run-Time

One of the features that sets EGO lawnmower from its competition is its beefy battery. The cordless lawnmower comes equipped with a 56-volt battery with a 7.5 amp-hour capacity

The battery boasts a peak power output of 420W, sufficient to deliver peak performance output to give a perfectly smooth cut. The high-intensity performance makes the mower able to handle thick and rugged grass while making a precision cut.

What more can you ask for, right?

The 7.5 amp-hour energy capacity provides up to 60 minutes of run-time. Although it can vary depending on the grass’s height and thickness, it is more than many competitors offer. Moreover, EGO LM2102SP’s battery has a 40 minutes recharge time, probably the fastest recharge time we have tested.

The only downside is the weight of the battery. With over 6 pounds of weight, the battery can be hard to manage. But many users have no problem dealing with a heavier battery when it has so much to offer.

Large Cutting Width 

The cutting width can significantly affect the time required to mow a lawn. The larger the width, the less frequent you will need to move up and down the field, mowing the lawn more quickly.

With a generous 21-inch cutting width, EGO LM2102SP is highly recommended for large size yards (ideally up to ⅓ acres). The wide-cutting deck allows you to mow your lawn more quickly than most of the lawnmowers the market has to offer. As you don’t have to make as many passes to mow your yard, this can save you a lot of time.

7 Cutting Height Adjustments

The cutting height is an essential factor in turf management. There is a direct relationship between the cutting height amount of roots a lawn’s grass can maintain. Lowering the mowing height can have a detrimental effect on the root system, resulting in the inability to absorb water and nutrients.

That said, the EGO’s lawnmower crushes the cutting height department. Its setting offers seven different cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches, which helps adjust the deck’s height according to your grass length.

The interesting feature is that you can adjust the mower’s deck height with a lever with the help of only one hand. Pretty convenient to keep your blade on a height that cuts evenly, right?


How easy it is to push or maneuver the mower is another factor to consider, and EGO LM2102SP performs fairly well in the handling metric.

The lawnmower is lightweight that makes it easy to push without activating its self-propelled feature. Many ego lm2102sp reviews clearly highlight that the users are satisfied with the mower’s sturdy body and professional design that makes it easy to handle.

Moreover, the mower performs great uphill due to its self-propel feature. However, the self-propulsion might cause some issues in corners. This is due to the resistance by the drive system. In contrast, the bail spring’s stiffness makes it a bit uncomfortable. Despite this, the EGO performs better than most competitors in the handling criteria.


While routine maintenance is an essential task to keep everything running. There might be some things you need to keep in check so that you don’t have to go through the trouble to find a repairman.

Keeping the blade clean, sharpening the blade once or twice each season, spraying under the deck regularly, and lubricating the deck are essential steps to be performed to keep this lawnmower in tip-top shape.

The only downside to this lawnmower is that it is tough to find a qualified repairman if your electric motor stops functionally. And probably, the repair can cost you a lot.

But don’t worry, EGO LM2102SP comes with a 5-year warranty. So if you face any problem in the warranty period, you can claim your free repair. 


Extra features can greatly influence the user’s experience and put the mower on par with others. The mower has a battery indicator at the top of the compartment that allows users to keep track of their battery consumption. According to many ego lm2102sp reviews on Amazon, this feature alone makes the lawnmower worth buying.

Additionally, the mower runs very quietly compared to other mowers that run on gas. Your neighbors won’t hear a thing when you mow your lawn, so you don’t have to worry about them complaining.

Moreover, it is the perfect choice for people who are exhausted by pull cords. The mower starts with a push button, and the motor starts without any trouble. 

Finally, when it comes down to storing the lawnmower, folding, and unfolding is easy, and EGO clearly shines in the design department.

Special Feature

The lawnmower allows users to bag their grass clipping with a bag attached at the rear. The bag has a wide mouth which helps in the cleaning process later on.

The mower also offers a mulching option that cuts the grass into very fine clippings, which can be deposited back into the lawn. This way, you can give the nutrients back into your lawn.

  • A powerful battery helps to cut thick grass easily
  • The range of cutting height gives more options for different grass
  • Large cutting width saves a lot of time while mowing a large yard
  • An indicator on the battery helps to keep track of battery consumption
  • Folding design allows easy storage
  • Difficult to find a maintenance specialist for repairs
  • Not suitable for yards above ⅓ yards
[box title=”Final Verdict” style=”default” box_color=”#408c40″ radius=”1″][row] [column size=”1/1″ center=”no” class=””]The EGO LM2102SP is the bang for the buck with its outstanding features that can help you maintain your lawns and gardens. The mower comes with a powerful battery, a long run-time, variable speed, and adjustable cutting height that make the mower worth every penny.

It is an ideal choice for people who want a long-lasting battery with a powerful motor to help them groom their lawn perfectly. The lightweight and wide-cutting blade is an excellent choice for people who wish to maintain their lawns effortlessly and quickly.

But if you have a tremendously large yard, this might not be the best option for you since it only gives a 60-minute run-time which might not be sufficient.[button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#fb1111″ size=”8″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/button][/column][/row][/box]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.What Does The EGO LM2102SP Weigh?

The mower weighs around 165 pounds which is an optimal weight for moving easily.

2. How Long Will The EGO LM2102SP’s Battery Last?

The battery has a 3-year warranty, but it can last longer if proper care is taken. The battery life is also dependent on the charging cycle it goes through. So if your usage is more, you can expect to get a new battery early.

3. Is It a Good Option For Thick Grass?

Yes, the powerful motor and adjustable cutting height make it a good option for thick grass. 

4. How Long Does The Battery Take to Recharge?

The battery takes approximately 30-40 minutes to recharge.

5. Can The Lawnmower Mulch?

Yes, the mower comes with a mulching option and cuts the grass finely to be deposited back into your lawn.