Ariens Apex 60 Review: Powerful Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Apex 60 Review

EngineDeck SizeMax SpeedTank Capacity
24HP Kawasaki FR V-Twin60 inch8 mph5 gal.
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The Ariens has launched its latest model, offering durability and comfort with style in the Ariens Apex-60. Rarely mowers come up with all these characteristics along with a quality cut, deep sturdy deck, sharp blades, and a superior level of comfort. Today, we’re going to give you a complete Ariens Apex 60 review.

Ariens Apex 60 is the mower of the new generation with outstanding commercial features to meet the exceptional level of accuracy and quality. Apex 60 is the residential mower assembles in the USA with commercial-grade quality features at a residential price so that you can feel upgraded mowing experience.

Ariens Apex 60 is an elegant design with iconic commercial features to provide commercial cut, quality, productivity, and effective results to your lawn within an affordable price range, which is 3 times(3x) less than the price of commercial mowers in the market with the same features.

  • The USA assembled unit.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • Time-saving.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Rust-resistant and stressless tubular frame.
  • Productive enough to mow 4 acres in 1 hour.
  • Easily operatable, controllable, and maintainable.
  • It rattles sometimes.
  • No additional attachments.

In this review, we will cover all the important details related to Ariens Apex 60, its features, attachments, and other essentials that make it worthy and the best.

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Features (Ariens Apex 60 Review)

The Ariens has manufactured its brand new residential model with commercial features to make this an exceptional and pro-grade model in the class of residential mowers.

Let’s take an in-depth analysis of all its features.

Engine power

The Ariens has assembled this all-new engine variant model with two different engine options; Kohler 7000 V-Twin engine with 25HP power and Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine with 24HP engine power. Apex-60 offers different engines with little-bit power variations but have the same features, classifications, and characteristics.

Both engines are powerful yet efficient at their places. But there’s always the best among the two. And no wonder we will suggest and recommend you the best of all.

The feature that gives commercial-grade power to this residential mower is its 24HP Kawasaki FR-series V-twin engine that has cast-iron cylinders and an internally vented carburetor for better fuel management.

Its V-Valve overhead helps in providing a professional look to your lawn in no time at a residential price. This forced air-cooled v-twin engine helps the Ariens Apex 60 with its electronic spark ignition for a quick and reliable instant key start.


Ariens Apex 60 has a pressurized lubrication system, which makes the engine along with its other sensitive parts work smoothly. It has Hydro-Gear transmission with ZT-3100 Transaxles that allows it to mow inflow more than 1000 hours without oiling.

Hence, with this transmission, the Apex 60 is capable of smooth interruption-free mowing for hours and giving effective yields at the maximum speed of 8mph in the forward direction. Also during our Ariens Apex 60 Review, it offered backward mowing with the speed range up to 4mph.

Therefore, if you want your mower to work consistently for hours, then consider Apex 60 to accomplish your mowing need. It won’t matter whether you are a homeowner or a commercial user, it’s no doubt the best choice regarding engine power.

Fuel capacity

The Ariens has fitted the large fuel tank of 5 gals. capacity, which is almost 18.9 liters. And it is more than enough to allow this mower to mow 4 acres without refueling interruption continually.

Oil Filter

It has a built-in oil filtration system and a changeable air filter to keep the dust, debris, and other pollutants away from oil and engine. It makes the mower capable of avoiding cold start wear. And make it working continuously for hours without overheating. It also guarantees a constant oil cleaning process.

Cutting Deck

Ariens Apex has an extraordinary feature to achieve the category of being commercial-grade as a residential mower. Ariens has installed 60 inches thick, sturdy, and stable 5.5 inches deep fabricated deck with 10-gauge steel.

This model of Apex has 60 inches wide, firm, and robust deck with 3 spindles and electric blade engagement along with a big chute. Ariens has offer this big chute on the deck to make mowing compelling, engaging, and clipping free. This chute makes the deck more durable and provides it more strength to mow generously.

It has an easily controllable foot-operated deck lifting system that allows the operator to raise and adjust the deck height in 15 different adjustable positions. You can change the height by using this deck-assist between 1.5 inches to 5 inches with a simple pin selection to mow effectively.

Its deck is designed ergonomically with a deck access panel that makes the operator capable of having easy access to blade spindles, belts, and pulleys for more thorough and quicker cleaning.

Ariens has assembled it with belt tension technology with the self-adjusting belt, that maximizes the belt life by keeping the tension constant and minimizes wear to maintain a quality cut.


When we talk about precision, comfort, design, and durability at the same time, the Ariens Apex 60 in zero-turn riding mower is at the top of its class.

It comes with an industry-leading, fully famed tubular, welded steel frame and has rust-resistant coating entirely on the 10-gauge steel frame for superior strength, improved durability, and influenced resistance. And it’s serving as the backbone of this machine.

Zero-turn Radius (Ariens Apex 60 Review)

The Ariens has assembled this unit with the potential to turn with zero degrees radius to make it a zero-turn mower. Therefore, you will be able to mow your small or large property more quickly and efficiently.

Control Panel

Ariens Apex has an astonishing instrument cluster control panel, which is the package of convenience at your fingertips. It consists of;

  • A choke to activate the start switch.
  • The start switch is provided with spark ignition to give the mower a smooth start.
  • Throttle control is available at your fingertip to control the volume and speed of the mower desirably.
  • You can check the average usage of the mower in terms of hours through the Standard Hour meter.
  • A deck activation clutch system is available on this panel to activate or deactivate the blades, and it works as an airpower unit.


Ariens Apex-60 offers a sturdy and rugged yet comfortable and vibration-free mowing experience at rough surfaces with its luxurious, soft high back plush seat with desirable adjustments during mowing, which provides fatigue less and stressless ride for more than 4 hours.

This super comfy seat comes up with the padded armrests individually on both sides to relax your arms and elbows for a long time. Every point is accessible while sitting on this high back seat.

Apex-60 offers a supreme level of maneuverability and a secure grip for easy hill mowing with a lower center of gravity and with increased traction.

Additional Attachments with Ariens Apex 60

Ariens Apex-60 provides you with a new exciting level of versatility, comfort, and convenience with its additional accessories and attachments. It includes;

Lawn Striping Kit

If you love to have a perfectly trimmed lawn with striping, checkerboard, and wavy effect, then Apex-60 has a lawn striping kit as an additional attachment to provide exceptional finish to your yard with these special effects.

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These are easy to install over your zero-turn mower. The Ariens exclusive striping kit gives your lawn that neat, engaging, and commercially manicured look of a stadium.

Operator Controlled Chute Baffle

If you have a craving to have a more reliable mowing experience, then the Arien’s operator-controlled chute baffle is a beneficial addition to your zero-turn mower.

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This chute baffle allows you to control the flow of clippings and side discharge quickly and efficiently while mowing. And make it safer and durable for a long time.

Mulch kit and Ariens Apex 60 Review

This mulching kit is made especially for Ariens Apex-60 zero-turn mower. This mulching kit is the combination of;

  • Right Baffle.
  • Left Baffle.
  • Discharge Baffle.
  • Mulching Blades.

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During mowing, through this attachment, your mower can work as a mulch and a mower simultaneously. The mulching kit allows the mower to recycle the lawn clippings and put back it in the soil as a fertilizer, which works as the nutrition for soil and grass.

Trailer Hitch

By adding the hitch kit attachment, your Apex-6o zero turn mower can turn into a multi-tasking machine. The sturdy design of the trailer hitch kit makes you capable of pulling several accessories such as pull behind sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and utility trailers.

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APEX Folding ROPS Kit

This additional accessory provides extra protection and safety through its folding roll-over protection (ROP) bar. This optional bar allows you to mow more safely when you are mowing uneven and hilly surfaces.

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LED Headlights kit

LED headlight attachment takes you to the exceptional level of convenience during dim light, night time, or in cloudy climate by igniting up the mower.

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Important Instructions – Ariens Apex 60 Review

  • Read the copy of the operator manual before starting the mower.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual and allow only well-trained and competent adults to do the mowing job.
  • For better reliability, always check engine, brake, and deck oil before start mowing.
  • Keep your lap bars even when starting the mower.
  • Follow the maintenance method and oil change schedule mentioned in the user manual to make your mower durable for a long time.
  • Make sure to wear eye and ear protection with stout footwear.
  • Avoid using your zero-turn mower like a pulling cart just because it offers a hitch kit.
  • Before using it after a season, always remember to check blade balance, sharpness, and their positioning.
  • Avoid using your mower in front of or in the presence of your kids in the mowing region.
  • Before start mowing, make sure to clear the area from obstructions like toys, objects, and clippings to save time and get a quality cut.
  • To avoid and minimize the risk of a rollover, always mow slopes diagonally.
  • Try to avoid mowing after a recent rain shower or irrigation.
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Ariens Apex 60 Review
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The Ariens Apex-60 is the next level residential mower with professional-grade features to stand in the class of mowers of the next generation.

As we have mentioned, all the details of Apex-60 regarding its features, characteristics, pros, and cons in this article to help you out in understanding this astonishing mower with its extraordinary capabilities.

So that you can make your convenience, comfort, and ease a priority within your budget without being empty. Thus you can get effective commercial quality results in this residential mower.

During our Ariens Apex 60 review, we found it to be one of the best residential mower available in the market in 2020. Therefore, this is the mower that makes you save your money by not wasting it on highly-priced mowers to get a quality cut. It provides all the best features, with effective and superior results by fulfilling all mowing needs, keeping you in your budget range.

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