Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers 2020 [How To Overcome Them]

Over the past few years, zero-turn mowers are the best riding mowers available in the market. But this article would be different, we are not only going to enlist some disadvantages of zero turn mowers but also tips and guides to handle them.

During recent years, everyone is well aware of the benefits of zero turn mower, and it is no doubt a potent, time-saving, and efficient machine. They are innovative, skillful, and powerful machines used for mowing purposes and are categorized as the best commercial mowers. The performance of zero turn mowers depends on the area and the size of the lawn you are mowing.

Their name is specifying them as zero-turn because of their turning effect, which is equal to zero.

Here are also some limitations, drawbacks, and disadvantages of zero turn mowers. And we want you to consider them before buying a zero turn mower to have a reliable product in the future.

Here comes a quick look at the disadvantages of zero turn mowers;

  • Traction problems.
  • Extra expensive.
  • Unable to mow hills and slopes in a straight track.
  • Pulling limitations.
  • Not suitable for rough grass.
  • Not capable of treating wet grass.
  • Lack of fuel efficiency.
  • Not a good finisher.
  • Heavy and not much versatile.

Now let’s have a deep review of these drawbacks step by step.

Traction problems

Traction problem in mowers appears when the front caster wheels of the mower lose their grip, because of this lost grip, rear wheels lost their control while making a sharp turn. And, mower gets out of control. It might cause an accident.

This problem occurs when mowing slopes with an angle greater than 10 or sometimes 15 degrees.

It also appears when sand or mud stuck in front caster wheels of the mower, and it makes the mower difficult to move and mow.

Traction problem occurs on steep paths or hilly areas when there is an incline.

– How to overcome traction problem

  • Keep in your mind when you are on the slope, you are tilting. For avoiding traction problems in this condition, you have to make grooves on mower’s tires to reduce friction. Thus it prevents the mower from slipping.
  • By slicing up the tires, and by putting a lot of cuts on the tires, so it increases friction, and it reduces tilting of the tire and traction problems.

Extra expensive

Zero turn mowers are expensive than the traditional riding and walk-behind mowers. Its repair is also very costly. Modified and upgraded versions are more expensive than the older ones. They can be a little bit pricey for ordinary people but can return your investment real quick if you’re a commercial mower. A new zero turn mower can cost the same as the cost of three walk-behind mowers.

– Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers – How to overcome cost issues

Buy an inexpensive homeowner zero-turn model to mow your flat lawn. You can also buy a used zero-turn mower from the company.

Unable to mow hills and slopes in a straight track

It’s tricky to handle zero turn mowers on slopes and hills with an angle of more than 15 degrees. It causes slip, traction, and control issues.

If you’re new to mowing, it can be a serious challenge for you.

– Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers – Ways to overcome de-tracking

  • Mow the slopes diagonally, it’s slow and time taking but a safer process.
  • Zero turn mowers with the steering wheel are better for slopes, hills, and slides. They have a better turning effect than other zero turn mowers. They also handle slopes better than other lap-bar zero turns because they are capable of pushing their rear wheels all the time.

Pulling limitations – Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are manufacture only for mowing purposes, not to pull things. Some zero turns offer hitch with it, but it cannot be capable of towing and hauling more than 180 lbs.

Zero turn mowers follow the pulling limitations because of hydrostatic transmission installed in zero turns. It requires proper care and maintenance. If you try to pull load from it, it will damage the mower’s transmission.

– Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers – Ways to overcome pulling limitations

  • Do not pull anything more than the weight given in the operator’s manual.
  • You can use counter pulling techniques other than pulling with a mower.
  • Use your mower the way, which is mention in the user manual.

Not suitable for rough grass

Zero turn mowers are not capable of mowing rough grass, and dry shrubs. They won’t perform well if you are not mowing the lawn regularly. Otherwise, it can damage the transmission and the blades of your mower.

– How to fix mowing rough grass issue

  • To overcome this issue, mow your garden regularly or mow it once in a week to get the best results.
  • Mow slow, and mow twice or thrice the same area to get good results.
  • Pick up the plastic bags, trash, weeds by hand before start mowing. And pick up sticks larger than your thumb, clean up the stones and identify the wet areas, that can damage your mower.

Not capable of treating wet grass.

Zero turn mowers do not treat the wet grass very well, because of its weight, damp soil and sand can stick into the tires and deck blades.

It becomes a cause of slipping, and it makes you lost control on the machine. You may fall from the mower.

Damp soil and sticky wet grass can also damage the blades and reduce the performance of the mower. Therefore, it is most beneficial only to use them in dry conditions.

– Ways to overcome wet grass

  • Use zero turn mower only when the grass is dry.
  • Better to use walk-behind mower near damp and wet grass.

Lack of fuel efficiency

More significant engines will consume more fuel. Zero-turn mowers have large engines, and they can use extra fuel. They lack fuel efficiency. While mowing, you have to refill it frequently.

Its hydrostatic transmission needs continuous maintenance while mowing. Otherwise, it can cause leakage to the other parts of the mower.

– How to improve fuel efficiency

  • You can use electrical zero turn mowers to fix fuel consumption issues.
  • Buy a new one or switch the older one with Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) technology. That is a better and environment-friendly option to improve fuel efficiency.

Not a good finisher – Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers

If you are spending the extra money to buy a landowner grade though you can increase your mowing speed to 6mph to 8 mph. Only because a mower is promoted to cover a specific speed, it does not mean it will mow great at that speed. It can move fast, but it can not mow that much prettier at fast speed.

Zero turn mower is not a good finisher and not able to cut or trim grass to the desired limits in one go as the walk-behind mowers can do.

– How to improve finishing

Mowing two times or three times in the same region will give you an excellent finish.

Heavy and not much versatile

Zero turns are massive and weighted machines. As they are not very versatile. Their design is only to mow the lawn. They are not capable of pulling enough load, not even a leaf vacuum.


Zero turn mowers are easy to handle and are time-saving, but it will take your time, in the beginning, to do a lot of practice to control and manage it. Be very careful when you start driving it, so you don’t crash or slam the deck into trees, bushes, and walls, etc.

The purpose of mentioning these drawbacks and disadvantages of zero turn mowers is that people come to know little downsides of these machines. However, the benefits of these zero turn mowing machines are substantial in numbers thus zero turn mowers are the best available mowing machines in the market right now.

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