What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower – 3 Useful Methods [Explained]

What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower

If you having trouble starting your lawnmower every time you may need to change your spark plugs. But for newbies sometimes its difficult to know what spark plug to use for lawn mower. So, In this article, we will help you out to find the best spark park for your mower and complete a buying guide.

What is a spark plug?

A spark plug is a device for the current transmission in the lawnmower. It controls the flow of the current from a spark ignition system to the combustion chamber.

A spark plug helps the engine to ignite the mixture of compressed fuel and air with the help of an electric spark while keeping the combustion pressure within the engine.

When to change the defective spark plug

The carbon build-up layer over layer weakened the electrodes, which affects the flow of the current and ignition process in the engine.

Defective Spark Plug

It can adversely affect the engine in several ways. Don’t wait for the engine to get damaged completely. Users must know about the changing time and condition to replace the spark plug.

When to choose and what spark plug to use for lawn mower? To get the answer you’ll have to notice the following symptoms in the spark plug of your lawnmower:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Adverse physical appearance

Reduced Engine Performance

A defective spark plug directly hits the engine by reducing its performance. It becomes more challenging to start the engine. The plug and the electrodes got heat up, which stops the spark ignition process.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

The lawnmower becomes stress when it starts consuming more and frequent fuel than average. It’s all because of the defective and burnt spark plug in your lawn mower.

Adverse physical appearance

Examine the spark plug physically by unplugging it from the engine. Inspect the plug for the carbon layer, any electrode gap difference, and any damage. If the plug has any of these, then it surely needs a replacement.

What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower – Types And Gaps

Choosing the suitable spark plug is very important because screwing the wrong spark plug into the engine will affect the performance of the lawnmower and can cause possible internal engine damage.

Spark Plug Gap

The Standard Resistor Spark Plug

Model number:

  • 796112S
  • 802592S
  • 5095

Spark Plug Gap:

  • The standard resistor spark plugs are come up with a gap of 0.030 inches.

Electromagnetic Suppression Spark Plug

Model number:

  • The EMS replacement spark plug number is 697451.

Spark Plug Gap:

  • The EMS spark plugs have a gap of 0.030 inches.

What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower – 3 Methods to Choose

The lawnmower has a different spark plug than the automobiles. The most important factors a spark plug should have are:

  • Size of the plug.
  • The heat range of the spark plug.
  • The gap to fit in the engine.

Therefore, automobiles have a greater size and length in threads than the spark plugs of the lawnmowers.

To choose the right spark plug for your lawnmower, you should consider and follow the following buying guide. So you can choose the right and the best for your lawnmower to make it more efficient and economical.

To make a suitable decision regarding the spark plug, you have to follow these simple and easy rules:

1. Refer To The Old Spark Plug – What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower

The most effective and efficient way to make the right choice is by comparing the new plug with the old one.

  • Disassemble the spark plug from the rubber cap.
  • Twist the plug to disconnect it from the engine by using the spark plug wrench.
  • Make sure to note the part number.
  • Buy a new plug by matching it with the old one and the written part number.

2. What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower – Consult The Operator Manual

It can be more beneficial and practical to use the operator manual in the situation to seek for help that what spark plug to use for lawn mower:

  • You have lost the old spark plug.
  • You don’t have the part number of the old spark plug.
  • You don’t know the details of the model number of the plug.

You can consult the operator or engine manual of the lawnmower to get all the above information in the engine section. You can easily find the same spark plug as the old one by using this information.

3. Use A Spark Plug Gap Checker – What Spark Plug To Use For Lawn Mower

You can also buy a new plug by checking the gap using a spark plug gap checker. Mostly, the spark plugs are come up with a gap of 0.030 inches. While rarely spark plugs have a gap of 0.040 inches. Buy the piece that meets the gap of the old plug.

Final Words

We have written this guide so it may help you in deciding what spark plug to use for lawn mower and when to replace the defective one with a suitable product for your lawnmower by saving your time, money, and effort.

Moreover, make sure to perform routine maintenance of the new plug to make it more reliable and effective for the engine.

Thus, by keeping this guide in mind, and by following these simple and easy rules, you can easily find a suitable spark plug to use for the lawnmower to have a productive and safe mowing session.

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