Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers [Top 3 Manufacturers]

who makes the best zero turn mowers

Today we are going to discuss an unusual topic for our readers and crackdown one of the most challenging questions regarding zero-turn mowers and their manufacturing companies. Who makes the best zero turn mowers? YES! It’s difficult to answer such a query because everyone has personal preferences. So, we’re going to enlist the top three mower manufacturers based on user reviews, prices, features, usability, reliability, and brand image, which are best in manufacturing the zero-turn mowers.

Mowing is not the task; it’s the love of passionate mowers. For mowers, mowing is not about the start of the work; It is all about the finishing. And finishing all depends upon the mower used for mowing. Here the point matters a lot is who makes the best lawnmowers.

During recent years mowing market is entirely controlled by the zero turn mowers. And with no offense, mowers also love to do mowing with zero-turns. Now the question arises who makes the best zero turn mowers in the market.

Many companies are manufacturing the mowers, some are focusing on features, and some are targeting the price factor. But few ones are considering both elements. Let’s have a look at them.

Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers [Top 3 Manufacturers]

  1. The Ariens Company.
  2. The Husqvarna Group.
  3. The Troy-Bilt.

Let’s have an in-depth and close look on, how and when they start manufacturing zero-turn mowers, and what makes them unique.

1. The Ariens Company – Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers

It was 1932 when a lawn mowing company was established in Brillion, Wisconsin, by Henery Ariens along with 4 family members. And they use their family name as their company name The Ariens Company. A new era of the mowing market was introduced with the first gas-powered rototiller lawn mower by The Ariens in 1933.

The Ariens

Their belief is to Built tough but easy to operate, with an amazing performance and legendary durability.

The Ariens was honored with the Army Ordnance award for the manufacture of mortar case in 1954.

They finally stepped in the mowing market with their first American made riding mower with air-cooled engine tech. And more compact B tiller in 1958.

2003 was the year when The Ariens Co. invented the first zero-turn mower, And the new era of riding mowers got to begin with these zero turn mowers. A period with a new race of efficiency, performance, reliability, and finishing results of mowers.

Latest The Ariens Zero turn mowers

And now the height of progress is, The AriensCo. is answering Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers by launching their brand new best designs for both the residential and the commercial-grade zero-turn mowers with advanced features.

  • The Apex- Residential zero turn mower
  • The Zenith- Commercial grade zero turn mower

– Ariens Apex Series

They are featuring this residential zero turn mower with all-new;

  • Superior and unmatched tubular frame design.
  • Kohler7000 V-twin
  • Commercial 10-gauge steel deck, which provides optimal airflow for efficient cutting with its 5.5 inches deep cutting deck.
  • Self-adjusting belt with belt tension technology, which maximizes belt life and maintains quality cut.
  • Adjustable pipe back seat with padded armrests that conforms to the operator.
  • Advanced deck lift system adjusting between 15 cutting positions only by a pin selection.
  • It allows super longer cutting time with less refueling time because it has a 5-gallon immense fuel tank capacity.

– Ariens Zenith

Zenith is a commercial-grade design manufacture for the professional lawnmowers to mow extended properties.

It is featuring with advanced commercial-grade features;

  • Kawasaki FX730V V-Twin Engine
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 Transaxles Drive system
  • Large 5 gallons of fuel capacity for a longer cut time.
  • 10-gauge fabricated steel deck
  • Electric Ogura deck engagement.
  • Advanced foot-operated deck lift system adjusting between 15 cutting positions with cutting height ranges from 1.5 inches to 5 inches.
  • Belt tension technology.
  • Comfortable back seat with padded armrests for easy and pleasant mowing experience.

2. The Husqvarna Group – Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers

It all started with the establishment of a factory to manufacture rifles in 1689 and 1690. The Husqvarna group.

The Husqvarna

Husqvarna has a rich and plentiful traditional history. They groom their business with a passion for innovation, development, and precision by heart. And smartly with the investment of some effort, Husqvarna become the manufacturer of rifles, sewing machines, and bicycles, and a lot more.

They innovate their developments in 1903 by the successful invention with their own powered and a lightweight first-ever track racing motorbike.

1947 was the year when The Husqvarna group expanded towards the powered lawnmowers and assembled their first powered riding lawnmower.

In succeeding years, Husqvarna achieves leading positions gradually in the global market with consistent and regular effort, always improving and evolving with fewer emissions and much energy efficiency.

Then the year came when The Husqvarna Group emerges with more innovation in 2012 an designed their battery products with less noise, vibration, and maintenance without any emission.

Latest zero turn mowers by The Husqvarna Group

Their progressive belief for innovation, development, and precision, lead them towards the invention of brand new technology in the era of mowing with the zero turn mowers.

Recently, The Husqvqrnq Group has launched its 3 new zero-turn mowers range for the residential, semi-professional, and commercial grade to make it easy for us to discover that Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers.

  • Husqvarna Z254- Residential zero turn mower.
  • Husqvarna MZ54- Semi-professional zero turn mower.
  • Husqvarna Z560X- Commercial zero turn mower.

Let’s watch these closely by having a close look at their features one by one.

The Husqvarna Group has launched them with some specific features;

  • Zero-turn steering system.
  • Commercial drive system.
  • Easy-access service points.
  • Maintenance-free transmission.

– Husqvarna Z254- Residential zero turn mower

Trim your grass and mow your lawn with style and performance of all new range introducing in the Z200 series. Upgrade your residential lawn moving experience with this patent outcome of Husqvarna Z254, as it is improving your lawn efficiently with reliability, durability, and performance.

This sleek and unique design is manufacture to help as a homeowner zero turn mower with the following features;

  • 26HP Kohler engine.
  • 5 gal. fuel tank capacity.
  • Ready-start equipped with an automatic choke system and eliminating user input to start the machine.
  • Air induction mowing technology in the deck for increasing airflow, grass lift, and cut quality.
  • Integrated zero-turn with hydrostatic hydro-gear, and maintenance-free transmission.
  • The 12- gauge cutting deck with 54 inches width is reinforced with heavy stock steel to increase durability and reliability.
  • 15 inches high back vinyl padded seat with a cupholder to increase comfort and ease of operator.
  • 3 blades with electric blade engagement with 4 anti-scalp wheels.

– Husqvarna MZ54- Semi-professional zero turn mower

Approach the supreme level performance with this new member in the Husqvarna MZ series of semi-professional zero-turn mower’s family.

The Husqvarna Group is presenting MZ54 mower as the future of zero-turn mowers because of increased durability, high engine power, maintenance-free transmission, and deep cut quality.

It is offering the following advanced features;

  • 23HP Confidant Kohler engine series.
  • 5 gal. large fuel tank capacity.
  • All new 11-gauge 54inches rugged ClearCut fabricated steel deck, constructed with welded reinforcement strips to increase durability.
  • 6-inch durable wide front caster wheels.
  • Easy access to deck belt pulleys and spindles with removable foot pan.
  • Offering precision in cutting height with 13 height adjustments and a pedal-assisted deck lift system.
  • 18 inches high back vinyl padded adjustable seat with armrests and a cupholder for convenience of the operator.

– Husqvarna Z560X- Commercial zero turn mower

The Husqvarna Group represents the latest innovation in the Z500 series. The Husqvarna Z560X is introducing as the commercial zero turn mower with exceptional performance, productivity, and efficiency.

This precise and elegant design is satisfying mowing lovers in commercial and professional sectors with its extraordinary strength, durability, and traction.

It is introducing with the outclass commercial feature;

  • 31HP Kawasaki FX series engine with 2-cylinders technology, using air for constant engine cooling.
  • 12 gal. tremendous fuel capacity tank with LED fuel gauge.
  • Hydrostatic Hydro-gear maintenance-free transmission.
  • 7-gauge, 60 inches fabricated deck with electric blade engagement system.
  • High back extremely comfortable with cushions, premium suspension seat.
  • Automatic parking brake system associated with steering levers.
  • Assemble with a roll-over protection system(ROPS), armrests, and a cup holder for remarkable comfort and ease of the operator.

3. The Troy-Bilt Company – Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers

Troy-Bilt was established back in 1937 when they rise with their first rototiller manufacture for Americans.

The Troy-Bilt

From that day, The Troy-Bilt is investing its efforts and skills for Americans by developing products for gardening, lawn care, cleanup, and snow as well.

The Troy-Bilt Company is boastfully serving in more than 7 cities across the country, headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, US. They are rooted in America to make America beautiful and clean.

In 2004, The Troy-Bilt Company had launched its first zero-turn mower and presented it to the American people to become the best in Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers in 2020.

Latest zero turn mower by The Troy-Bilt Company

Recently in 2019, The Troy-Bilt Company launches an upgraded model of their best-selling and most reviewed piece Mustang42 zero turn mower. The Troy-Bilt Co. propelled it with some modifications and improvements and featured it as Mustang Z42 zero turn mower.

  • Mustang42- Best Selling Zero-turn mower
  • MustangZ42- Updated/ modified zero turn mower

We have tried to cover the specifications, features, and modifications in both of them in this article.

– Mustang42- Best Selling Zero-turn mower

The Troy-Bilt Mustang42 Zero Turn Mower is manufacture to provide you with premium performance in a meanless time. It is built to mow the lawn with more power than before.

Mustang42 is highly maneuvering and easily controllable. It’s quieter, more powerful, and efficient in giving the lawn an attractive look.

It trims the grass closer to the foot with fantastic quality and durability.

This residential zero turn mower is featuring;

  • 20 HP Briggs & Stratton, Kohler Twin Engine.
  • Twin hydro dual EZT transmission.
  • 8 gal fuel tank.
  • Heavy-duty 42 inches reinforced twin blade deck.
  • Electric PTO (power take-off) for fast and easy blade engagement.
  • Zero-Turn Maneuverability.
  • Comfortable 18inches high-back seat with dual suspension springs for a soft and smooth ride.

– MustangZ42- Latest and Updated zero turn mower

The Troy-Bilt is offering a brand new classic updated version of their best-selling zero-turn mower, Mustang Z42. Troy-Bilt is launching MustangZ42 with more advanced manufacturing of tubular and fully welded, full length, and heavy-duty frame.

This modified residential model not only provides excellent results at large, flat, and slightly hilly areas easily within no time. But it also provides a safe, quick, valuable, and highly maneuverable mowing experience.

MustangZ42 owns the following features;

  • New heavy-duty, fully welded tubular frame design.
  • 679cc V-twin OHV Troy-Bilt engine.
  • 5 gal. fuel capacity.
  • Features full-pressure lubrication to assure continuous delivery of oil to the essential components to make it stronger and durable.
  • Dual hydrostatic zero-turn transmission to improve maneuverability and performance.
  • 42inches Stamped Twin Deck with cutting height from 1.25inches to 3.75inches with the 9 position height adjustment lever and electric deck engagement.


As it’s mention at the starting of the article that to discover that Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers among globally distributed manufacturers is a little bit challenging tasks.

The purpose of writing this article is to let the people know about one single road to follow in the race of best zero-turn manufacturing companies.

So we are trying to help you and other people by mentioning the top 3 manufacturers of zero turn mowers along with their latest models with their unique features and modifications to answer the above mentioned tricky question Who Makes The Best Zero Turn Mowers?

Therefore, you experience an enjoyable and efficient mowing by choosing the zero turn mowers from these top-ranked companies and manufacturers. To make a choice is up to you.

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