3 Best Stand On Mower For Hills [2020 Updated]

Over the years, stand-on mowers became the best choice for hillside mowing needs. Stand on mowers not only provides better stability but way better slope control and endurance among all the different mowers available in the market. We will help you to choose the best stand on mower for hills according to your specific needs.

These new products offer foldable standing platforms to cut more safely around slides and other edgy areas. Keeping your view more clear and refreshing – when mowing your hills, without feeling hectic.

Commercial contractors and professionals are using stand-on mowers as a primary machine for their work.

Stand on mowers are usually safer than the traditional zero-turns because you can quickly get off from the mower if it gets out of control. They are also much better on hills because of the firm grip generated by the lower center of gravity than the zero-turns.

Why Stand on mower for hills

If you are mowing large areas of land with hills and slopes, you need a mower that is light in weight with a low center of gravity and affordable yet powerful enough to mow your property efficiently. Stand on mowers has taken over the market place of zero-turn mowers in recent years due to many factors.

  • Compact size
  • Better Stability
  • Better Maneuverability
  • Improved Viewability
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Better Control
  • Uses Less Space

It’s a lower center of gravity technique that allows the operator to shift his weight quickly from one side to the other, which helps the operator to counter a steep sidehill more safely. It is a feasible option for commercial properties in hilly areas.

Although you are free to choose the stand-on mower according to your needs, preferences, affordability, and comfort, with our intensive research of 78 hrs about stand-on for hills in the market, we conclude the following 3 as the best stand on mower for hills regarding power, efficiency, reliability, stability, affordability, and comfort on hills.

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Top 3 Best Stand on mowers for hills

These enlisted mowers are undoubtedly the top 3 best stand on mower for hills in the whole market.

  1. Ferris SRSZ3X Stand-on Mower by The Ferris
  2. Husqvarna V500 Series by The Husqvarna
  3. SK-48 Stalker by The Mean Green Electric mowers

We haven’t found any other mower fulfilling the factors mentioned above except these 3 stand-on mowers. Go through the entire article to understand why these 3 are the best stand on mowers in the entire market.

1. Ferris SRSZ3X – Best Stand On Mower For Hills

Best Stand On Mowers For Hills

The Ferris SRSZ3X Stand-on Mower is one of the best choices for your hillside mowing operations because of its power.

It’s brand new equipment introduced in 2019 with an outstanding improvement, manufactured to effectively change the level of productivity of mowers in the mowing market.

Ferris SRSZ3X offers a 29.5 HP Kawasaki engine with its all-new 52″, 61″, and 72″ inches deck options using a single deck with no sacrifice on cut quality.

It offers a new type of Soft-Ride Technology, which acts as a sensor and turns off the mower when the operator is not present on it.

It provides a sturdy grip on steep hills with its effective pivoting front axle. This machine has a unique design to mow those hills and steep edgy areas where you think mowing an impossible task.

Working Features – 1st Best Stand On Mower For Hills

Its 29.5 hp Kawasaki FX850 engine comes up with large fuel capacity and Oil guard technology. That not only provides less maintenance time and a significant time span for the next oil change. But it also helps in improving engine life by managing the oil cleaner and cooler.

That helps mower to give the best performance with efficiency on hills and steep areas. It has the two-position PTO, which allows the operator to get off from the mower with shutting off only the blades and not the mower without removing the parking breaks.

Its a perfect match of oil guard system with a big engine to increase productivity with an excellent wide cut, and this makes it to become the best stand on mower for hills.

Ferris SRSZ3X also introduced the new type of deck technology, which is the ICD deck system. Deck with a sloped nose offers a consistent amazing cut for all kinds of grass at hills and also on the ground.

The Pivoting Front-Axle enables the deck to track the surface of the field very well. Steel rods on the deck helps the deck to prevent from jumping when mowing.

It is available with the attachments like lawn striping kit and Mulch Kit, which is the combination of mulching blades, hardware, baffles, and instruction sheet.

Special Features

  • 52″, 61″ or 72″ ICD deck
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 Transaxles with 8″ cooling fans
  • 11 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Top speed up to 12 MPH
  • 4 Position speed changer
  • 2 Position PTO
  • Flat Free Caster Tires
  • Pivoting Front-Axle

If you are seeking durability and comfort for a longer time with compelling performance and best results for your hills, then you must think to buy this astonishing and good looking invention with classic design at a very reasonable price.

2. Husqvarna V500 Mower Series by The Husqvarna


best stand mower for hills

The Husqvarna is always a leading brand in quality and precision. It has designed this series to be the best stand on mower for hills with the focus to maximize productivity, durability, and serviceability. It’s a highly durable, super-efficient with a classic land view that makes this series the most competent.

Every detail of these machines is tested, which comprises of engine, transmission, frame, cutting deck, spindles, and controls, just because to make it worthy enough to stand in the line of the best stand on mower for hills. It is extremely precise and absolutely the best choice to allow you to be more efficiently mow the hills.

Heavy-duty fabricated deck moves faster and longer with exceptional cut quality. It’s designed to handle high over rough and dry grass on your hilly area with the capability of staying on track on steepest and wet hills.

The manufacturer designed it with service in mind; all maintenance parts are easily accessible and available. It undoubtedly gives outstanding performance for professionals.

Working Features – 2nd Best Stand On Mower For Hills

It comes up with the Kawasaki V-Twin FX Series engine with a 24.5 Hp, that uses unleaded gasoline, which is easily affordable. They introduce double cylinder technology in it, which uses air as a cooling agent to make the engine cool and reliable.

The transmission uses the pump, wheel, and a deck, which moves on the speed up to 11mph with cut ranges from 48 inches to 72 inches.

The versatile stand-on mower for hills puts the operator in a vertical and standing position allowing the operator to use it like a walk-behind or standard stand-on mower.

This 2nd best stand on mower for hills is capable of making 360 degrees turn within its traces. It is an energetic and excellent maneuverable tool designed to cut vast open grass efficiently.

Thus, these fabricated parts put in place and manufactured to retain long-lasting durability.

Special features

For the first time in mowers, The Husqvarna introduces the Electronic Fuel Injector system to make it the best stand-on mower for hills

  • Kawasaki 24.5hp V-Twin FX series engine
  • 7-gauge, fabricated, steel cutting deck made with an average thickness of 4.76mm
  • 11 mph forward drive max speed
  • Two models separated by cutting decks – 48 inches and 54 inches Commercial ClearCut decks
  • Cutting decks made of steel
  • Blade tip reaches speeds of 93mph to 98mph
  • Pump/wheel motor transmission type
  • Dual cylinder engine with fan-cooling pumps
  • Fuel tank can hold 7 gallons of gasoline at once
  • It can be able to do the work of 3 mowers in one time.

If you are mowing and you are mulching, this is definitely something to look into, and this will help you in saving money by increasing your productivity.

More work done in less time.

3. SK-48 Stalker Electric Mower – 3rd Best Stand On Mower For Hills

Best Stand On Mowers For Hills

This stand-on mower occupies its space in the top 3 best stand on mower for hills because of its revolutionary Electrical Cordless manufacturing. This next-generation electrical mower is environment friendly for your hills and nature.

Mean Green’s STALKER is manufactured with a thick 7 gauge steel chassis and a welded steel deck of 48 inches cut and with 5 inches to 8 inches thick lower deck edge.

It is an affordable and economical choice for both the environment and operator with powerful “Chaos” mulching deck technology and 2-speed mower blade function for those who can’t afford the expensive one.

It is a complete package in a small packet and is patent enough to compete as the best stand on mower for hills to fulfill all your mowing needs in hilly areas.

Such a beauty with an elegant design modified with no oil, no fuel, no hydrostatic systems, and it only demands minimal routine maintenance with no more fuel expenses. It has a smaller frame, easy to handle, smoke and noise-free mower, and an economical choice for your green hills.

The excessively lightweight and cordless feature makes this mower surely a well-balanced machine, a lot simpler to manage and control around any difficulties. It mows grass like a pro from Hills to the most smaller areas of your lawn.

This mower not only fulfills the stand-on needs, but it also extends those who want it to mow as a walk-behind mower.

It’s time to have a robust, quiet, zero-emission stand on/walk behind friend more than a mower, which is a giver rather than a taker.

Specifications And Features

This product specified with both standard and optional features.

Special Features – 3rd Best Stand On Mower For Hills

  • Peak HP: 24HP with Powerful 48V system
  • Battery hour life: 9,000 hours
  • Speed: low 5 mph, High 8 mph
  • 3 blade side or rear discharge deck
  • 7 gauge welded deck

OptionalFeatures – 3rd Best Stand On Mower For Hills

  • LED Floodlight Kit with USB Port
  • Aluminum Grass Catcher
  • Rear Discharge Mulching Deck
  • QTXN Debris Blower (see below)
  • LED Orange Flashing Light
  • 3KW Inverter

Best Stand On Mower For Hills – Benefits

  • Stand on mowers are mostly less expensive, less fatigued, and offers less back stress.
  • It handles the hillside areas quite well with more stability.
  • Stand on mowers are comparatively easy to mow very tight spaces.
  • It offers great visibility to the operator.
  • The stand on lawnmower gives fast mowing with more engine power.
  • Stand on are also allows you to use them like a walk-behind mower when needed.
  • Stand-on lawn mowers help in cutting down in no time.
  • They are capable of allowing the operator to readjust their position to reduce rigidity and hardness of the body.


Using the best stand on mower for hills doesn’t mean that you will not face any issue on hills in the future. But make sure to keep the following precautions in mind before and after using any of the lawnmowers.

  • Remember to use heavy footwear, Eyewear, Earplugs, and gripping gloves.
  • Remember to check its oil and blades frequently.
  • Don’t use stand-on on wet slopes or wet grass.
  • Be careful while changing the direction on hills.
  • Reduce speed on sharp turns to avoid losing control of mower.
  • Always try to drive your mower at a convenient speed.
  • Read the operator’s manual before mowing, ask if you don’t know anything.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Stand-on mowers mostly modify varying deck sizes, speed, and landscaping professional’s preferences.
If the majority of your hilly properties need wide-open mowing, Stand-on zero-turn with a big deck is a better choice.

Stand-on effectively managed hillside areas.

These 3 best stand on mower for hills are perfectly manufactured and designed to give you superior and excellent performance, stability, efficiency, durability, and effective results in an economical and affordable range.

Each Stand-on mower has its own place regarding power, efficiency, serviceability or size, and speed, but it all depends upon your need and preference.

They are the best possible choice in the market for maneuvering slopes and hills. Professional lawn mowers consider it a reliable and refined choice to mowing with stand-on.

These are packed with innovations and modifications to make mowing on hills much more accessible, comfortable, more powerful, and efficient for you.

We hope it will be helpful enough to help you in making a good decision in choosing the best stand on mower for hills. Keep visiting for more related stuff. 

Happy Mowing!

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